Currently OPEN For 2021
Introducing the Modern Firm Practices Membership for Building A Modern Firm and how I, Brad Turville, will help you achieve Freedom of Time, Finances & Mind.
Learn the proven process, techniques & framework on how to build a Modern Firm from others who are already doing the same...
Get access to the training, coaching and exclusive Modern Firm Practices community with other members that will help you get your house sorted, free up capacity and pull the growth levers.
Get direct access to me and a community of Modern Accountants.
When you join Modern Firm Practices Membership you get direct access to me, Brad Turville. Also a supportive community that will help you grow your firm and free up time faster when you implement the insiders strategies, tips and tactics shared by experts inside our forum.
You'll also learn how I:
+ Was able to achieve this when I was in practice
+ Help accountants fast track growth and free up time
+ Have consistently generated growth and clarity for public practice firms
What you'll get
Access to High-Value Live Monthly Training
Step by step advice and guidance on topics such as time capacity, team, pricing and business development. All trainings will be recorded and made available in the membership.

Live training will be held every month via Zoom and content will be tailored to members needs and requests covering Modern Firm Practices.
Live 'Ask Me Anything' Calls
Each month we conduct a live 'Ask Me Anything' session. You can attend and ask questions live. The best part is, if you can't make these calls live, simply submit your questions in advance.

If you wish you can remain anonymous or I can unmute you and you can ask your question to me.

Every call is recorded so if you can't make it you'll always have the recordings available.

Help & Support from a private community
A collaborative forum of Modern Accountants to give you support and advice and camaraderie. Structured discussion sections to ask questions and receive answers from myself and fellow members.

This will give you insights into other firms practices and experience and advice. I will be in there every day answering questions.
Ed Eikelboom
"The increase in fees earned will be greater that we have ever done before, and a focus on the different roles in the business with a documented organisational structure meant that I now spend less time in the office and am able to focus on my areas of responsibility."
Rod Evans
"I now have clarity and a timeline on goals and key projects, an understanding of changes required for profit growth and clear on what to pursue."
Braden Johnston
"The next 12 months are shaping up as our biggest and best ever, and we wouldn't be doing as well as we are without being part of Brad's coaching program."
Modern Firm Practices Membership is ideal for you if you have asked yourself these questions
  • How can I get this result?
  • How can I solve this problem?
  • How can I stop struggling with this?
  • Where can I learn how to get that result
  • Where will I get support trying to solve this problem
  • Where will I meet and connect with other like minded people.
If you've asked yourself any of these questions, join the online community and fast track your results.
Gain access to all these resources and take the guesswork out of running your firm
Get access to the content, training and community to help you get your house sorted, free up capacity and pull the growth levers.
Because you are here now, the membership is $185+GST AUD per month.
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$185 AUD
per month